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Sombrero Peak Feb.17 2006

Gleicher Enterprises is located near sunny Tucson, Arizona, in the town of Marana.  We moved here from San Diego, California in 2005, where the company was originally started in 1998.   The photo of Sombrero Peak at the top of the page was taken approximately one mile from Gleicher Enterprises' offices.  This part of  Tucson is still semi-wild, and  we often see examples of the native wildlife in the wash behind our offices, including snakes, coyotes, bobcats, javelinas, and an occasional mountain lion. We have a wide variety of species of birds that are native to this area, or that migrate to this area from parts north.  Our favorites are probably a great horned owl that frequently perches in a dead tree in the wash behind our offices, and the quail that entertain us early in the morning as they speed along looking for food.

The company was originally established to provide consulting and support services for sites that run the High Performance Storage System (HPSS).   We are now focused on development of applications for HPSS, primarily the Hierarchical Storage Interface (HSI), its multinode Transfer Agent supplement, and the HPSS TAR (HTAR) programs. The president of the company, Michael Gleicher, has over 48 years of experience in the field of supercomputer operating systems development and high performance storage and networking.  He has worked as an employee or consultant at many of the largest computer facilities in the world, including the U.S. Air Force, several DOE National Laboratories,  major universities, and at sites in England, Japan and Korea. 


HSI and HTAR support is no longer provided directly by Gleicher Enterprises.  As of March 8 2017, HSI/HTAR support for HPSS sites is transitioning to the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). See the support page for more information.

Contacting Gleicher Enterprises 

Business Hours: 8AM - 5:30 PM Mon-Fri

Telephone: 011+520-572-7855

Email: mgleicher@comcast.net