mget and mput hang, but put and get do not

This is a known problem in HSI - the commands are not really hung, but instead are waiting for input from the terminal.

Here is what is happening:

For the ‘m’-style put and get commands, which were added for compatibility

with ftp, HSI prompts for confirmation for each file, for example:

       mget *

       mget ‘path'? ([Y]es,[N]o,[A]ll,[Q]uit) 

However, the prompt may be overwritten on the terminal screen due to the way that the background progress display and the transfer completion messages are displayed.  When this happens, the screen may appear to be hung, but typing <CR> will cause the prompt to be redisplayed.

When autoscheduling is enabled, this problem does not show up for the ‘mget’ command, because no transfers are initiated until all files that will be retrieved are known, and the list of files has been sorted by VV and position.

The problem can be mitigated in part by disabling the transfer progress display with the “progress” command toggle.  A bug has been opened for this problem, and this page will be updated when the problem has been resolved.