Q.How can I direct HSI output to a file?

A: There are multiple ways to do this:

1. The HSI “OUT” command can be used both interactively and in one-liner commands to cause HSI to write its

output to a file. Standard options for redirecting and appending to an existing file may optionally be specified.

The command “out -“ may be used to reset output back to the way it was at startup, normally to stderr.

For example:

        out /tmp/listing


       ls -l

       out -

2. Use the HSI ‘-O pathname’ command line option to cause HSI to run in “one-liner” mode,

and redirect all output to pathname.  See the HSI Command Line page for more details.

3. Use the HSI ‘-P’ command line option, which is similar to ‘-O’, but causes all output to be

written to stdout.  This is most useful for scripts that run HSI in a pipe or via the ‘popen’ system

call.  See the HSI Command Line page for more details.