News - HSI 6.0.0.p3

Annoucing HSI/HTAR 6.0.0.p3


HSI Version 6.0.0.p3 is now available for HPSS Release 7.5.1 sites. This versions primarily contains internal changes to support new or changed HPSS 7.5 features,  but also adds support for some new/changed features in HSI and HTAR. 

NOTE: HSI and HTAR support is no longer provided directly by Gleicher Enterprises.  
As of March 8 2017, HSI/HTAR support for HPSS sites is transitioning to the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC).  See the support page for more information.

NOTE: HSI 5 is now in maintenance mode, and will only receive bugfixes (no new features) going forward.  Sites are highly encouraged to upgrade to HPSS 7.5.1 and HSI/HTAR Version 6 as soon as possible.

New Features in 6.0.0.p3

New features in this release include:

HSI Major Changes in 6.0.0.p3:
■ Support for PPC Little Endian machines was added

■ User Defined Attribute (UDA) checksums were replaced with End-to-End Data Integrity (E2EDI) checksums.  Existing hashxxx commands continue to work as before, but now use internal HPSS API calls instead of making entries in the userattrs database table.

■ removed obsolete hashconvert command

■ Added initial (minimal) support for HPSS trashcans - added new command trashls 

■ Add new option "-W" to "ls" command to list volume information for disk levels of the hierarchy, similar to the existing "-V" option for tape levels.

■ added ability to temporarily disable HSI puts or gets via the global hsirc

HTAR Major Changes in 6.0.0.p3:
■ GNUTAR-style "exclude" options (--exclude=pattern, --exclude-from=file, ...)  were added for the "create" action.
■ added ability to temporarily disable HSI puts or gets via the global htarrc

■ HTAR code was reformatted for consistency/maintainability
■ added non-HPSS feature to HTAR

HSI Libraries Major Changes in 6.0.0.p3:

■ For kerberos authentication, by default the server now opens a socket for the client to connect to for kerberos protocol.

In previous versions, the client opened a socket for the server to connect to.  The change removes the requirement for client to open firewall port(s) for the kerberos protocol authentication.  The old behavior can continue to be forced for HSI/HTAR clients by setting the environment variable "HSI_KRB_PASSIVE=1"

The complete list of changes for this release can be found here.

HPSS Requirements for HSI 6.0.0.p3

 ■ HPSS 7.5.1 is required for HSI 6.0.0.p3 

Prerequisites for HSI 6.0.0.p3

■ PAM development package is required for the HSI Gateway, but not for the HSI/HTAR clients 

■ openssl-0.9.8g or higher is required for both the HSI Gateway and for all clients.  Note that OpenSSL is no longer preinstalled in MacOSX for Sierra.  

■ ncurses development package is required for the HSI client

■ Editline Library (libedit)  development package version 2.10 or later is required in order to build HSI with the history and command line editing functions enabled.  

■ MIT kerberos development package is required for both the HSI Gateway and for all clients if Kerberos authentication is to be used.
■ Globus GSI/GPT development packages are required for both the HSI Gateway and for all clients if Globus GSI authentication is to be used.

Configuration Changes

■ Support for little-endian PPC 64 architectures was added in this release

■ MacOSX for 32-bit systems and PPC systems is no longer tested or supported, although it is still available as a build option


■ Older HSI/HTAR clients for HPSS 7.4 and earlier systems are NOT upward compatible and will not work with an HSI 6 gateway server, nor will HSI/HTAR 6 clients work with an older HSI gateway.  

■ See the HSI Version Matrix for details about compatibility between HSI releases. 

HSI 6.0.0.p3 is available for sites that have a valid HPSS license - HPSS site administrators can request a copy of the software by filling

out a Support Request form for help in obtaining the package.

■ Please see the HSI Version Matrix for compatibility between HPSS versions and HSI Client/Gateway versions. 

Obtaining The 6.0.0.p3 Release
The HSI source code is available, subject to the restrictions on protection of the source code, to all HPSS sites with a current HPSS license.  The HSI source code is only available to HPSS administrators, by filling out a Support Request form. They are then responsible for protecting the code, and for building binaries for any of the supported platforms. Binaries may be freely distributed by whatever means the site chooses (for example, via a web download page) to their user community. 


■ The new features and commands are documented on the pages in this web site.  The updated hsi man page is also available as a tar file on the Downloads page. Release notes for this version are here.

A list of older release notes can be found here.