News - HSI 6.0.0.p4

Announcing HSI 6.0.0.p4

(May 17, 2017)

HSI Version 6.0.0.p4 is now available for HPSS Release 7.5.1 sites.  

NOTE: HSI/HTAR Support is no longer provided directly by Gleicher Enterprises

As of March 8 2017, HSI/HTAR support for HPSS sites is transitioning to the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). See the support page for more information

NOTE: HSI 5 is now in maintenance mode, and will only receive bugfixes (no new features) going forward.  Sites are highly encouraged to upgrade to HPSS 7.5.1 and HSI/HTAR Version 6 as soon as possible.

6.0.0.p4 contains a new “ file expiration” feature, and bugfixes for problems that have been identified in the 6.0.0.p3 version, and we encourage all sites to upgrade to the new version.  A list of the changes in this release can be found here:

New Features in 6.0.0.p4

The primary change in this release is the ability for HPSS admins to optionally configure “file expiration” times for new files that are successfully written by HSI and HTAR, based on site-specifiable

parameters including Family ID, Class of Service ID, Subsystem ID, User ID, Group ID and Account ID.

The new feature is described in more detail here.

Expiration times are associated with files using the User Defined Attributes (UDA) table in the HPSS database.  

A client-side configuration file and new global hsirc/htarrc options are used to enable/disable the feature at run time, and to specify the location of the configuration file.

The following new HSI commands are provided as part of this feature:

  • expdel - deletes expiration time for files
  • expfind - finds files whose expiration time matches specified criteria
  • expls (alias “lsexp”) displays expiration times for files
  • expset - sets expiration time for files

The expdel and expset commands can be restricted to HPSS root if the site so desires.