HSI 5.0.0.p1 Release Notes

Changes in this release

HSI Gateway

  • IPV6 changes
  • replace ai_threads with pthreads
  • add new thread functions to library: hsigw_ThreadAttrInit, etc.
  • add RelPositionOffset to nd_xdr_bf_vv_attrib_t
  • fix segfault in ndclient/san3p_util.c in hpss_SAN3PSetErrorText
  • add optional environment setting for exec path for kchild and gsichild binaries
  • solaris compiler error with extraneous ";" at end of function
  • fix 'ls' problem: empty directory names not being buffered
  • fix missing newline in keyset error messages
  • retry on EINTR/EAGAIN for extended I/O socket operations
  • ix SIGPIPE segfault if accept() for XIO socket fails
  • process 'rm' command on client side if '-i' option is specified
  • remove IPI3 code
  • fix location of #ifdef MUNGE code in hsigw_authenticate.c
  • remove conditional code in ndapi_setgid for HPSS_LEVEL < 732
  • tirpc XDR changes - use 5 digits for HPSS_LEVEL
  • remove \r from format for long listing of empty dirs
  • treat "priority" as a shift count in ndapi_logmsg (client)
  • enable logging of LOG_ERR messages even if debug logging is disabled
  • add prototype for crypt function if needed to avoid segfault
  • finish implementation of "user deny" file


  • IPV6 changes
  • Replace ai_threads with pthreads
  • fix SIGPIPE at EOM for striped direct-to-tape COSs
  • fix gap handling for files retrieved from HPSS
  • remove hsi_NativeInterface.c from HSI package
  • tidy up lscos listing, remove #ifdef HSIGW_CLIENT
  • Check HPSS_CFG_FILE_PATH for global hsirc before using compile-time setting
  • put -U bug - time stamp comparison is backward
  • fix 'ls' problem: empty directory names not being buffered
  • fix problem with missed request handling when side buffer(s) are queued
  • fix bug with mismatched buffer sizes and leftover data at start of IOD
  • fix compiler warnings in hsi_TA_Local.c fix compiler errors if Transfer Agent support is enabled
  • hsi_WriteViaAPI: do not call hpss_SetCOSByHints if filesize is 0
  • remove IPI3 support code
  • replace beep() call with internal function in hsi_Help.c
  • fix problem with bogus error -22 after successful "put -t"
  • fix segfault in hsi_ConsoleMsg


  • IPV6 changes
  • Replace ai_threads with pthreads
  • remove restriction on size of existing HPSS index file
  • set EX_IOERR if extract encounters unknown index entry type

HSI Libraries

  • IPV6 changes
  • Replace ai_threads with pthreads
  • use Configure's MIN/MAX restricted port range
  • fix compiler warnings
  • use HPSS_NET_FAMILY when creating socket in buildLocalNicTable instead of hardwired AF_INET6
  • fix problem with not finding local NIC specified in HPSS.conf Pftp Client Interfaces stanza
  • force min restricted port to >= 1024 to avoid bind() problems

HSI/HTAR Configuration

  • remove ai_threads from the HSI package
  • add new option for NDAPI_DEFAULT_ADDR_FAMILY to Configure
  • Add mkdir ($MKDIR) to %program_list
  • Add XFERLOG_FACILITY for HSI Gateway xferlog logging
  • Fix bad test for failed 'unlink' when creating symlink for mach_compile_flags

Transfer Agent 3.0.0

  • Add IPV6 support
  • Add 64-bit compile option for several platforms
  • Add '-g' (set gid to egid) flag to agent command line
  • Fix missing newlines in a couple of messages